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Your Home for Laughter 

Welcome to Hold Please Productions:

Your new home for funny comedy shows

You’ve got a great laugh! We think your laughter belongs at our next comedy show.

Hold Please Productions is a locally owned, humorously operated comedy show provider. Our comedy shows are a great place for you to meet with friends, connect with new people and share laughter that lasts a lifetime.

You’re invited to learn more about our next comedy show.

“Amazing line-ups to help us draw in crowds.”
– Noonan’s Sports Bar and Grill

Terri Barton Gregg


Terri Barton Gregg leads a team of comedy show experts dedicated to making you laugh until your cheeks hurt!

Our professional stand-up comedians love to make you laugh. You and your friends get to see a diverse line-up of comedians showcasing their best comedy. Many of our most loyal fans, comedians and family members enjoy making plans to meet, eat, drink and laugh together. At our last comedy show, everyone agreed that our next comedy show will be even better thanks to your great laugh!

Where can you enjoy one of our friendly, neighborhood comedy shows?


Terri is a rare gem that enthusiastically supports & mentors a wealth of up and coming comics

Kristen Anders,

Terri Barton Gregg is a class act (and a funny one)

First and foremost, Terri loves to see people succeed... Second, Terri is a top manager. She partners with the right people... Third, Terri understands the bottom line, and generating profit in all her endeavors.

Matt Baca,
Corporate Entertainer

Do you wish that you could call an expert to bring live comedy to your next event? 

You better- Hold Please 

Terri and her team of comedy show producers have over 50-years’ experience producing award-winning live events. Whether you're looking for a regular, monthly show or a one-time event, Terri Barton Gregg and Hold Please Productions is your one-stop shop for the very best in Denver comedy and variety entertainment. 

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